Our New Website

Our New Website

Why wasn’t I born in the early 1800’s?  Many times in my conversation with my wife I reference: “But Charles Ingalls never had to do that.”  This website debacle was no different.  I love technology but I hate technology.  It is so helpful and so informative and I’ve 100% bought into how great it is…but the problem is that I’m supposed to know how to create the technology that is so useful for everyone.  That is a big problem.

About a month ago we got an email, from our web host, stating that they would be closing their business (I think it was hosted in the guy’s basement) and we needed to find a different server for our website to be hosted on.  I was informed to simply google “web hosts” and it will be pretty much a plug and play process.  So optimistically I proceeded forward with my google search.  That was the easy part.

From that point forward, for about 2.5 weeks, I was caught in a technological lingo world that left me feeling dirty and abused.  Plug and play turned into hours of online chatting with a support agent.  I don’t know if it can be called “chatting” because my continual response was: “What is that?  I don’t know what that is.”  I’m regularly reminded how under prepared I am to pastor a local church.  This scenario is no exception.

My college “Pauline Epistles” class didn’t prepare me to interact with our website host about cPanels or URLs.  My Old Testament “Hebrew” class didn’t prepare me to have a working knowledge of Photoshop so that I can create visually appealing graphics for the Sunday morning service.  Nor did my “Marriage & Family” class teach me how to run a sound board & mix live worship music.  While none of the aforementioned technology issues are rocket science they do come with a learning curve for this Pastor who learned how to send an email while in college.

Though this website isn’t totally completed I want to thank you for your patience as you’ve waited for our new website to be up and running.  If it has caused you any bit of frustration take solace in knowing that it has caused me even more frustration.  However, I believe in the end our website will be better than it was before.  Hopefully more user friendly, informative, and present a clearer image of who we are and the God we Follow.  After all, that is what is all about isn’t it?


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