What To Expect

What To Expect

Have you ever heard a woman ask: “What should I wear?” Listen, that isn’t just a girly question, that is a real question. It is a rare person who doesn’t mind going into a new setting without any knowledge of what to expect. For many people “church” is one of those unknown places that most people don’t know much about. So we wanted to take some of the mystery out of what your first visit to Pleasant Hill will be like.

At Pleasant Hill Church you will first notice that it is a very relaxed environment. When you walk in the main entrance you’ll first enter into the Cafe area where there will most likely be a number of people congregated.  Feel free, if you’d like, to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry “on the house”. Feel free to linger in the cafe area as long as you’d like.  Our morning service starts promptly at 10:00 and people will start heading into the multi-purpose room around 10:01 (yes, most folks are late).

As you enter the multi-purpose room you’ll again notice a relaxed environment. We recognize that Pleasant Hill Church isn’t the right fit for everyone. The room will be dimly lit and will be full of round tables where folks will sit during the 60 minute service. Sit at any table you’d like…we don’t have assigned seats.

Most likely at some point during the morning you’ll run into someone from the community that you have met before. You might even be surprised that they are at church on a Sunday morning. At Pleasant Hill we have folks who started attending church two weeks ago and those who grew up in church. We recognize that 100% of us are all on a spiritual journey and some are further down the road than others. We don’t care what you look like, how you dress (lets keep it modest though), or what you smell like; we just want you to encounter God. We believe that you can do that here at Pleasant Hill.

So, we welcome you to join us on a Sunday morning. Don’t put up a front…just come as you are.